Chemical Peels

Skin needs constant renewal and repair. Chemical peels involve the application of specific agents which target specific concerns in the skin and accelerate the skin repair and renewal process. Depending upon the concern, peeling agents are chosen from a variety of sophisticated and refined products. Commonly done chemical peels include:

  • Salicylic peels: They are specifically designed to improve acne, acne marks and oily skin by removing the blockage from the oil-producing glands
  • Glycolic peels: These are derivatives from natural sugars. Glycolic peels work by decreasing the cohesion between cells of the skin and hence increase the skin exfoliation process. They improve skin texture, pigmentation and fine lines
  • Mandelic peels: They improve acne and acne marks
  • Azelaic peels: These peels are done to decrease skin pigmentation
  • TCA peels: These peels are done to reduce tanning and pigmentation
  • Party peels: These peels aim to restore natural glow before specific Fruit complexes are generally used to provide skin turgor and hydration
  • Yellow peels: Vitamin A derivatives are used in this peel to repair the texture of the skin

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